DS Lötschberg auf dem Brienzersee von hinten

«Lake Brienz Water»

On the steamboat «Lötschberg» you can enjoy our «Lake Brienz Water». You have read correctly: The water comes directly from Lake Brienz, is filtered and treated and comes as drinking water through the open bar system on the steamboat in specially designed glass bottles from the Swiss start-up FILL ME. You can learn more about the project on this page.

How did the «Lake Brienz Water» project come about?

The renewal and optimization of the open bar system on the steamboat «Lötschberg» was carried out in winter 2022. The team from Schiffcatering Thuner- und Brienzersee and BLS Schifffahrt found the perfect solution in collaboration with Addimat AG. Important points such as sustainability, logistics and limited refrigeration options had to be taken into account in the new acquisition.

This is how the idea came about to process the lake water of Lake Brienz into drinking water and serve it to the guests. The water is now drawn directly from the lake, filtered, sterilised, cooled and, if desired, carbonated or still. 

In specially designed glass bottles from the Swiss company FILL ME, the «Lake Brienz Water» is available in 0.6 litre and 1 litre sizes exclusively on the steamboat «Lötschberg».

The horn of the steamboat «Lötschberg»

Where can I get the «Lake Brienz Water»?

The  «Lake Brienz Water»  is exclusively available on the steamboat «Lötschberg». Would you like a bottle as a souvenir? The bottles are available on the steamboat (limited availability): 

  • 1-litre bottle (without content): CHF 42.–
  • 0.6-litre bottle (without content): CHF 38.–


Cooperation with FILL ME

As part of the project, we are collaborating with FILL ME – a Swiss start-up founded in 2019 that produces the «FILL ME bottle». It is the world's only swing top drinking bottle made of borosilicate glass, which means it can be filled with cold and hot drinks. Sustainability is a top priority at FILL ME. The company promotes the consumption of Swiss tap water and at the same time supports people who do not have access to clean drinking water. With the purchase of each «FILL ME bottle», 1 CHF is donated to the non-profit association DRINK & DONATE.