Dampfschiff Lötschberg auf dem Brienzersee

About our steamboats

A total of three steamboats operate on our two lakes: The steamboats Blümlisalp and Spiez on Lake Thun and the steamboat Lötschberg on Lake Brienz – whereby the steamboat Spiez is not part of the scheduled boat service due to its size, but can be hired exclusively.

Our steamboats

The steamboats «Blümlisalp» und «Lötschberg»
The two nostalgic paddle steamers from the Belle Epoque are the pride and joy of our fleet on Lakes Thun and Brienz.

The steamboat «Blümlisalp» on Lake Thun (built in 1906) has had an eventful history. After two decades of decommissioning, the ship was completely refurbished between 1990-1992 thanks to a nationwide fundraising campaign by the cooperative «Vaporama». On 22 May 1992, the steamboat «Blümlisalp» was able to set sail on its second maiden voyage.

The steamboat «Lötschberg» on Lake Brienz (built in 1914) embodies pure nostalgia and romance. The saloon steamer was restored according to the principles of historic preservation and awarded the "Special Award 2008" by ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites. The two paddle steamers are cruising on the two lakes during the summer months and are very popular with young and old. 

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The steamboat «Spiez»
Once constructed as a steamboat, the steamboat Spiez was subsequently rebuilt several times. From 1952 onwards, the boat sailed as a motor vessel for several years and was then taken out of service in 2007. Numerous donations and investments finally made it possible for the boat to set off again as a steamboat on its second maiden voyage in April 2022 with a newly built steam engine. Due to its size, the steamboat Spiez is not suitable for scheduled lake cruises, but the boat can be rented exclusively. Built in 1901, the «Spiezerli» is the oldest steamboat in the BLS Lake Cruise fleet.